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StarFruit Productions creates Real Estate Video tours all over the gulf coast of Florida. We are based in the Sarasota-Bradenton area. We service Tampa and the surrounding cities down to Boca Grande. We are also available for travel.

Real Estate Videos are the most powerful tool a Realtor can use. A good quality video tour of your property invites prospective buyers from all over the world to step inside the property you are selling.

We also craft Lifestyle Real Estate Videos. These are quickly growing in popularity because they work. They allow the prospective buyer to truly envision what their life in that home could be. We create these real estate videos from conception to release. We craft the script, hire the actors, create a score and edit a visually stunning video. It will become one of the most useful tools in selling your clients’ home.

Our Realtor Spotlight films allow Realtors to share their marketing and sales process with prospective clients. They are focused on giving a peek into your personality and why they should hire you. Reaching clients through the internet is absolutely essential. Video allows you to give an authentic impression of yourself and your work ethic. It also shows your clients the high caliber of marketing tools that you employ.

Does your real estate company need to tell its company story? We love working with companies to showcase their story in video. We have a method of finding your authentic voice that will resonate with viewers. We focus on your priorities and simplify the process.

We guarantee our real estate videos within 72 hours of filming. We also have a on site composer creating unique music that will score your real estate videos. We use top of the line HD cameras and stay up to date on the latest technologies. We also work collaboratively with our clients. Our goal is to create the most useful tool for Realtors to use and sell homes and then come back for more great real estate videos.

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